Speaking is impossible, but so too would be silence or a refusal to share one’s sadness.
Jacques Derrida

The founding of the Grieving Planet Project is my response to planetary eco- side. The entries on this site are my attempt to speak the impossible “when the heart can’t contain what the mind can see”.1

What we grieve for, we care for most deeply. Out of the shattering work of grieving I have witnessed a powerful unrelenting commitment and search for justice cradled in care and compassion arise. I believe our planet, our “island home” to be a living entity onto itself. It is grieving, it is fracturing and as I wit(h)ness the carnage in Australia, grief appears insurmountable. Planetary injustice ruling the day.

My familiarity with Hospice models aids my awareness and work. I am holding space for our grieving planet, wit(h)nessing her losses, the extinctions of life, the intractable pain of metastatic poisoning to our water, air and vegetal life. I also hold space for amazement and wonder for awe and humility as my work as an artist unfolds in these challenging times.

The first event of the Grieving Planet Project is an interactive exhibition of re-membering and response: Standing With Our Grieving Planet. EARTH DAY, APRIL 22 at St. John’s Episcopal Church in Boulder, Colorado